Good Friday, April 2

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Boulder Mennonite Church will offer its historic peace-building perspective to the community at an 

Outdoor Community Event
Friday, April 2, 2021,   noon – 5pm
in the parking lot at 3910 Table Mesa Drive. 

Opportunities for graphic expressions of lament, seed planting, art work, poetry, prayer and live music. 

As the Boulder community continues to mourn at the site of the King Soopers shooting across the street from the Boulder Mennonite Church campus, the congregation welcomes all to a time of shared grieving and creative expression as RAWtools turns guns into garden tools. This is an opportunity to come together in a respectful space to express our sorrow as well as hopefulness that the anxieties and limitations of our current situation can be transformed.  

Boulder Mennonite Church  ( and
RAWtools ( and
the Prayerstream
welcome you to come by as your schedule allows.

All ages welcome!      Boulder Mennonite Church parking lot: 3910 Table Mesa Drive

Events and Activities include:

NOON – 1:00  Good Friday Prayers led by Rev. Randy Spaulding, Boulder Mennonite Church

1pm                RAWtools introduction and demonstration, Mike Martin from Colorado Springs

2 – 4pm           RAWtools participation ongoing.
                        Conversation with Brenda Fox, chaplain with Prayerstream, a ministry
                        in places of trauma in association with Mennonite Disaster Service

4 – 5pm           Prayerstream Ceremony (Zoom and live) “Seeds of Sorrow and Transformation”