Overview and History

Boulder Mennonite Church is a Christian community with open doors. Here, in a warm church family, we find spiritual food and guidance, as well as the mutual support we need, to live our faith each day.

Jesus leads us

We believe that Jesus’ life and teachings are our clearest revelation of God’s nature and what God desires. We seek to apply Christ’s example of love and service to others through nonviolent actions that can help bring justice to all people

Support for one another

We assist families and individuals to lead meaningful and Christ-filled lives. We welcome God’s children of any race, ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, economic status or life situation. Our small care groups meet twice to three times monthly for study, nurture, and friendship. These groups of up to 12 people are at the heart of mutual care within the congregation.

Witness beyond our walls

Our congregation seeks to be Christ’s hands and feet at home and around the world. We serve at the Boulder Homeless Shelter and have provided protected overflow sleeping space. We collect food for the emergency pantry and offer aid to persons in crisis. Care groups help families in need at Emergency Family Assistance Association facilities. With other churches, we work in the Mennonite Urban Ministries program in Denver. Members serve in Christian Peacemaker Team delegations to global hotspots like Hebron and Iraq, with the backing of our congregation, and support sustainable agriculture programs in Central America. Offices in our building are made available for rent at lower-than-normal cost for other organizations that work for justice and peace, including the local Victim Offender Reconciliation Program.

Life in Community

We find renewal, respite, and inspiration in being together. Our children and young people are valued members of the whole and bring great joy and spontaneity to our worship. The congregation makes a corporate commitment to its youth, and to parents as they dedicate their young children. We commit to support and walk with new members, who join upon their baptism, confession of faith, or transfer of membership. We make group decisions by consensus. We encourage that decisions be in harmony with God’s creation and with all of God’s children. We have respect for those who may not agree and we have found a way to live out tolerance for differences. Laughter is common at Boulder Mennonite. Whether in fellowship or in worship, we sincerely enjoy one another and are freed by the fact that we have no pretenses here. We enjoy sharing meals and working together in our task groups and on various committees.

A bit of history

BMC began in 1984 and had its charter service the following year.  We affiliate with the Church of the Brethren and have membership in the Mennonite Church USA. (For more history, see the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online or our wiki.)