Mission and Vision Statement

MISSION:  Boulder Mennonite Church is a vibrant, Christ-centered community welcoming all people to know God and to be ambassadors of God’s love, healing, and peace.



We live with God our Creator, Jesus Christ our Savior, and God’s Holy Spirit, our guide.

We believe that Jesus incarnate is our clearest revelation of God’s nature and what God desires of us: that we live simply, love and serve others, create justice and make peace.

We believe in the authority of Scripture and see it as a living document, which through community discernment in the tradition of Anabaptist Mennonites and the illumination of the Holy Spirit, brings richness and relevance to our life together.

We live following Jesus and inviting others to join us, bringing God’s love, healing, and care to humanity and to all of God’s creation.


We gather to worship God, to learn from Scripture, to pray in community, and to receive food for thought and suggestions for faithful action.

Boulder Mennonite Church prepares and empowers its members to be ministers of Christ in their daily lives by using their God-given gifts within the church and in the world.

We inspire and inform one another by sharing our faith journeys.

Small groups, children and youth gatherings and Christian education for all ages provide forums for caring, study, sharing, learning and service.


Our faith in Christ as Savior moves us to action. The Holy Spirit leads us to pray for and care for each other, for all people, and for creation.

We seek to be aware of community and world events, and to be part of Jesus’ way by pursuing social change that brings about healing, justice and peace.

We joyfully share our time and financial resources in support of the larger Mennonite Church and other ministries that bring God’s healing love to our world.

We are called to proclaim boldly through words and actions the story of Christ and invite others to follow Christ along with us.

We are called by God to be inclusive, caring, and peace minded; we affirm that people of any race, ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, economic status, or life situation are welcome to be in full participation in our congregation.

(This updated version of our Mission and Vision Statement was adopted by the congregation in December 2004.)