Small Groups

Our basic assumptions

1. Our God is a caring God who wants us to experience the richness and support of a caring community.

2. The church is to be a caring community that offers close, accepting relationships through careful listening, forgiving attitudes, personal care, and encouragement for Christian discipleship.

3. Personal care and community become most concrete and meaningful in small groups of 12 or less. At BMC we call these Small Groups.

4. Small Groups are the key caring structure of our church. Small Group leaders are supported and supervised by our pastor for providing an environment of care for each member.

5. BMC’s leadership invites all attendees to become part of a Small Group!

Qualities of a Small Group

* Has five to twelve members.

* Comes together around a common interest or need.

* Meets regularly (usually twice a month).

* Is people-centered. Meetings include building relationships.

* Groups agree to confidentiality. Nobody criticizes behind another’s back.

* Group members listen to, care for, laugh with, and support each other.

* Groups are encouraged (but not required) to consider ways of doing study together and to consider ways of offering service outside of the group.

Small Group Options, Spring 2018 – Spring 2020

1. The Periodically Pious Pickers

Leader: Jonathan Falk (303-506-5364 /

When: 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 6:30‐8:30pm

Where: Meeting at the Church

A group of musicians that meet to sing familiar and new songs that are roughly in the “folk/bluegrass” space with occasional dalliances into rock, gospel and blues. Singers and instrumentalists welcome! We will play during BMC’s worship service once or twice/month.

2. Communication Integrity

Leader: Cheri Krause (510-227-9712 /

When: Meets twice a month

Where: Meeting place: TBD

Based on nonviolent communication (NVC). The purpose of the group will be to bring more alignment between what we believe and our self-talk and to practice a nonviolent consciousness. The group will have at least two parts:
1. From March into the summer, Cheri will lead self-connecting and expression exercises.
2. After Cheri graduates and hopefully starts a new job, she will help the group figure out how to continue either by using the book by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, or by using Marshall’s videos with discussion.

3. Sewing and Needlecraft Group

Leader: Ellen Morrison (303-955-1422 /

When: 2nd & 4th Saturdays, 10am‐noon

Where: Meeting in members’ homes

Purpose: to serve the community making MCC school bags, assist and teach each other with home projects that just do not seem to get done. This group will provide a craft environment of teaching, learning, supporting each other to form a community of care and growth. We welcome all who enjoy crafting, crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, sewing. All ability levels are welcome.

Beginners will find the help they seek, and advanced stitchers will be encouraged to share their knowledge. Because this is the “travel portion” of retirement for Wayne and Ellen, she is willing to co-lead to accommodate the group. Service projects may include making bags for school kits for MCC and for personal care items for EFAA; cooking and serving the BOHO community at whichever overflow warming center they are using, several times during the BOHO season.

4. Meditation/Centering Prayer Group

Leaders: Mary Jungerman, (303-494-6846 / and Ellen Morrison (303-955-1422 /

When: 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 11:00am‐12:15, followed by optional lunch

Where: Meeting in members’ homes

We will gather to nourish our spirits and each other with centering prayer and meditation. A brief reading or verbal reflection that draws from sacred wisdom traditions which are inharmony with and including the Bible will provide the container, support or guidance that leads into our meditation/centering prayer.

The leadership style will encourage all participants to share their wisdom and experience with the group during the opening and if desired teaching different forms of centering prayer and meditation. Following the time of silence, we will have a structured personal sharing time, and informal sharing among those who choose to stay for lunch.

Research and experience show that centering prayer/meditation help sharpen our mental faculties, improve our emotional and physical health, and sense oneness with our Creator and all creation. A service project will be decided by the group.

5. Singing Our Journey

Leader: Pastor Randy (941-228-6825 /

When: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30‐8:00 pm

Where: Meeting at the church (or at another time/place determined once the group meets)

Meet monthly around the piano (and with other instruments, if available) to create music and to sing songs new and old, from our hymnals and supplements, and to sing and learn songs and hymns not found in our current songbooks. Group members are invited to bring any instruments to join in the fun, or just come to sing. Enjoy good company, wonderful music, and tasty snacks! Possible service projects may be to teach and sing some of the music in our regular worship services at BMC and to offer music in other venues (retirement home, social justice events, shut-ins). Our time together will begin with personal check-in and meditation/prayer.

6. Finding God in the World

Leader: Becky Neuman (303-661-9857 /

When: 2nd and 4th Sundays, 12:15‐2:00 pm

Where: TBD

Join in a book discussion group starting with Grounded, Finding God in the World/A Spiritual Revolution by Diana Butler Bass. The author writes “…[T]he revolution rests upon a simple insight: God is the ground, the grounding, that which grounds us. We experience this when we understand that soil is holy, water gives life, the sky opens the imagination, our roots master, home is a divine place and our lives are linked with our neighbors’ and with those around the globe. This world, not heaven is the sacred stage of our times.” We may also explore The Great Spiritual Migration by Brian McLaren or If the Church were Christian by Philip Gulley or other topics that interest the group.

7. Introvert Discussion Group

Leader: Jan Decourtney (

When: 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month, 8-9:30am.

Where: Meeting in members’ homes

Do you identify as an introvert? Introverts are people who recharge their energy when they are alone (instead of with people). They are typically deep thinkers/introspective, dislike small talk, need time alone, like small quiet gatherings, and are overstimulated in noisy or bustling places. This discussion group will explore introverts’ strength and challenges, and the issues of living in an extroverted society.

Possible topics: introverts in the church, introverts and activism, and whatever else the group wants to talk about. Jan will send out a poll to select a time and place for a first meeting, where we will ask for co-facilitators and set the frequency of meeting dates and times.

8. The BCD Small Group: Breakfast • Chatting • Doing

Leader: Betty Jantzen (303-396-7243 /

When: Meets once a month on a weekday

Where: At or near the church

The Breakfast • Chatting • Doing small group has three elements:

Breakfast: provided!

Chatting: casual as well as focused conversation on a group-determined question or topic.

Doing: a short amount of time given to tidying up tasks around the church.

The suggested time is 9:00 a.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This can be changed in response to the needs of interested persons.

8. Sunday Supper Drop‐In

Leader: Teresa Troester‐Falk, (646-709-7518 /,)

When: Meeting times are ad hoc, but regular, on a Sunday at 5:30 pm

Where: Meeting in group leader’s home

Join us for a social evening: drop-in potluck supper, informal fellowship, and possibly some game-playing. This gathering meets ad hoc, but regularly (generally at the home of Teresa Troester-Falk in Niwot. Others host from time to time). Gathering times will be announced but generally we will meet every 8 weeks. This group may appeal to folks who do not take the time for a formal commitment to a BMC small group but still wish to connect socially with BMC members and friends. All are welcome!

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