Building Rental Rates & Request Form

The building used by the Boulder Mennonite Church has multiple spaces and multi-purpose rooms which can be rented during the week.  The upstairs sanctuary area provides a large area with movable chairs, a stage, and a piano, great for performances or floor activities.  In the back is a small open kitchenette and lounge.

View floor plan (upstairs)

Downstairs there is a full kitchen and reception hall, and several individual meeting rooms.

One-time rental rates:
  regular rates for nonprofits
  hourly halfday
all day hourly halfday
all day
Individual rooms; classrooms,
library, minikitchen
$25 $75 $100 $20 $50 $75
downstairs kitchen and
community room
$50 $150 $200 $35 $125 $175
upstairs; sanctuary $75 $225 $275 $50 $200 $225