During this time of corona-virus-related restrictions, most folks will choose to participate in the Sunday 9:30 morning service online, via Zoom, but the building is open to those who wish to attend in person.  Adult Christian Ed meetings (11am-noon) may also be available, and are only by Zoom.


For 7 of 10 plagues (blood, frogs, lice, flies, boils, locusts, darkness) church services will not be called off.

In the event of blizzard conditions, pestilence, or hail (especially flaming hail) it may be decided to postpone Sunday morning worship…

In case of bad weather, the pastor and chair will make a decision about canceling church by 7:30 am Sunday morning.  We will send an email to all active participants by that time should we cancel.  We will also update a message on the church’s answering machine.  So to find out if church has been canceled:

1.  Check your email after 7:30 am Sunday morning.
2.  If you do not have access to email at home, or if you think you might not be included on the email listing, call the church at 303-443-3889, wait for the regular recorded message to start, THEN PRESS “2” for extension ‘2’.  Listen to the pastor’s greeting.  If it is a normal greeting, church is on as usual.  If services are canceled, you will hear a message giving the date and indicating that services have been canceled for that day.