Our Mural

Photo Credit: Julio Mendoza

Our mural was created by Denver artist Julio Mendoza, “Jwlç Mendoza,” in the fall of 2021.
We hope that this mural will brighten the day of everyone who passes by.
We proclaim that Black lives matter. We support the Dreamers and all in search of a home.
We must care for our earth and work together for respect, justice, and equality for all.

Boulder Mennonite Church is a community called to follow Jesus’ example in our daily lives.

Jesus has shown us how …
to be inclusive,
to love and care for all peoples,
to practice hospitality,
to give and serve generously,
to be kind and gracious to each other.

As a church family, we are committed to peace and mutual respect in our personal relationships. We work and pray for reconciliation among warring families and nations, including our own. Regardless of what faith, if any, guides the journey, we affirm all people on their path toward these goals.

A Statement from the Artist, Julio Mendoza:

At first when I was contacted regarding painting a mural on a church I was like.. uuugh I don’t think I’m the right person for this.. I honestly don’t paint religious stuff, and I don’t want to be disrespectful by painting something if it doesn’t represent me or my art. But after meeting with some of the members of the church and hearing their vision for the mural and what they want to communicate to the outside world my mind changed. I respect how open minded they are and what they are doing and I’m glad I was able to help them in this big step as a church.

You can find Julio Mendoza on Facebook, Instagram, and his website.