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Alfred Sawatzky

Ep. 16 – What Are You Waiting For?

Our guest speaker today is Tory Bonners. A super sentimental soul, Tory has named most things that she has owned. This includes her beloved bright red backpack – rightly named Clifford – that journeyed with her as she lead numerous backpacking trips during the years she worked in the outdoor industry. These years lead to […]


Ep. 15 – It’s About Life

In today’s episode Pastor Randy talks about how Jesus talked about God being the God of life. We all want to put off death somehow. Our political systems, our fears of terrorism, our fear of others, that which we cannot control can ultimately come back to kill us. That is not the will of God. […]


Ep. 14 – Retreat

In today’s episode, we join Boulder Mennonite Church on retreat. Once a year we as a church spend a weekend up in the mountains northwest of Boulder Colorado. This is a very informal time of getting to know each other, eating together, playing games together and enjoying the outdoors. This episode is a recording of […]


Ep.13 – Count yourself blessed – affirming our humanity

In this episode, we get a visit from a special guest. Lily Mast from our own congregation is working in Honduras for a year with Mennonite Central Committee. She joins us today via video call and answers questions about what she is up to.  After that, pastor Randy tells us about his ancestors… both blood […]


Ep. 12 – Climate Change and the Church

For this episode, we welcome Kelsey Grant as our guest speaker. Kelsey is a pre-law student at the University of Colorado at Boulder and a member of the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Boulder. She is involved with Citizens’ Climate Lobby where she serves as the President of the University of Colorado Chapter, […]